Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday afternoon @ Artomatic

I spent a couple hours Sunday afternoon checking out more artists at Artomatic 2009. Here are some of the stuff I liked...

This artist in addition to showing her work, she has a long paper for patrons to right what's on their life list? It's very interesting to read what some people have written. Believe or not some still want to write the great novel (and not the great movie)...

One of a number of stages where bands are playing. This band wasn't bad.

This photographer had a great backdrop with his photos from his trip across Route 66.

Photographs from Yankee Stadium (i believe the old stadium)..

And my favorite photograph of the day
This photographer ( started a project of taking 100 photographs of 100 strangers, and then talking to them and learning a little bit about them. This guy had just moved to DC from Philadelphia, and he was reading Winston Churchill's "The Gathering Storm" via Kindle in Adams Morgan, DC.

Tomorrow I will post photographs of Peeps @ Artomatic. Don't know what a Peep is? You'll have to check back tomorrow then to find out!

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