Monday, June 8, 2009

Peeps @ Artomatic

Peeps are Huge in DC.. They have become a popular tradition at artomatic. Here's a sample of some of this years peep highlights.

This one is called "Thelma and Louise: Peeps on the Run."

"Peep to the Right" if you have ever ridden the Washington's Metro trains.. you know that you need to stand to the right (pass to the left) when going up and down the escalators. Tourists and out of towners are little slow to learn this unwritten rule.

"Double Peep Strike" memorializing the "Miracle on the Hudson " water landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in January.

"Purple Tunnel of Peeps" a homage to the hundreds of people who were stuck in the Purple line on Inauguration Day, and didn't get to into the secure zone to witness President Obama swearing in and speech.

To see the complete list/pictures of all the peeps in the show & the artists names from the above creations check out this,

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