Sunday, October 30, 2011

Picture Perfect Sunday

Saturday was a wash (or snow) out... but Sunday was picture perfect for taking fall foliage photographs.  It was a little cool, but at least the DC area is not shoveling out for 12 plus inches of snow and dealing with massive power outages that some of my family and friends are dealing with in New England.   Two stops today, stop one was Rock Creek Park in Northwest DC.  

Second Stop was the beatiful Lake Artemesia in College Park, Marland. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Adams Memorial, Rock Creek Cemetery

Has the Adams Memorial in Rock Creek Cemetery (off North Capitol Street in Northwest DC) become the new Baltimore's Edgar Allen Poe Memorial? On Monday afternoon I visited it, and for the first time in years, found someone had left one rose.

The Adams Memorial was sculpted by the famous Augustus Saint Gaudens in 1891.    It was in memory of the Author and Historian Henry Adams who losted his wife suddenly, and was called by Saint Gaudens "The Mystery of the Hereafter and the Peace of the God that Passeth Understanding"  but was more commonly called "Grief".  Today locals and tourists know it as "The Adams Memorial"

For more photos from Rock Creek Cemetery check out my Grave Images blog:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Street and Truck Art in New York City

Art is everywhere in New York City!  From Chinatown (the Michael Jackson Tribute)  to Union Square.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Postcard from Connecticut

After a few days in New York City, I took a train up north to Connecticut.   Most of Connecticut is in the "peak" or "past peak" stage for the leaves turning.   Locals say this fall hasn't produced the vibrant colors you would expect in New England.  I took a walk around a reservoir in Naugatuck State Forest in Beacon Falls, Ct. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Postcard from New York City

Spending a few days in New York City, a little fall vacation.   While the leaves aren't yet peak, it's starting to feel a lot like fall.  This first photograph of flowers next to NYC cab was taken on Park Avenue in midtown.

Sunset on Thursday taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6

Looking towards Manhattan from Pier 6 in Brooklyn.  Lots of clouds, but kinda cool sky?

Central Park withe leaves just starting to turn.

Flowers and leaves near Tavern on the Green in Central Park

A lake in Central Park with people on a paddle boat enjoying the nice afternoon.

Downtown Brooklyn near Atlantic Avenue.  The project is people to fill in the blank, Before I die I want to _______

Staten Island Ferry evening commute home.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy DC: Day 16 @ McPherson Square

This afternoon I was in downtown DC, and thought I would "check in" on the real "Occupy DC" group at McPherson Square.  The last time I was there they were Day 7 in the occupation (see earlier posting), and the "occupation" camp looked a lot different than it did this afternoon.  They looked like they are prepared to be there for a while.   Later this week I plan to visit New York City, to photograph the Occupy Wall Street camp, which today mark it's one month.    A lot of people are wondering how long this movement will last?   Guess only time will tell. 

This sign I took a photo of day number 7, however Number 4 of Obey the Law was not crossed out. 

The Dedicated Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

This afternoon I finally made to the now newly dedicated Martin Luther King Junior Memorial.  

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scenes from a Yard Sale

I took a walk in my neighborhood (Silver Spring) this morning to discover a yard sale at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupiers @ Freedom Plaza, Day 3

Group # 2 of "Occupiers" in DC right now, which have been getting a lot more media attention, are at Freedom Plaza in downtown DC.    This rally/occupation was organized by a group called "Stop the Machine" and was organized a couple months ago way before they Occupy Movement started.  They however have greater numbers and better organization, and people from all over the US have converged on Freedom Plaza.  Officially they have a permit for four days, so come Monday it is unclear if this group will be gone.  Earlier this afternoon some protesters try to enter the Air and Space Museum with signs (which apparently are not allowed) and were pepper sprayed.   It's unclear how many (if any) protesters were arrested.

Ralph Nader was one of the main speakers this afternoon

Occupy Asleep @ the Info desk. 

Part of their overnight camp.

This a band the I believe are from Occupy DC.   they of course are singing about Occupation.