Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupiers @ Freedom Plaza, Day 3

Group # 2 of "Occupiers" in DC right now, which have been getting a lot more media attention, are at Freedom Plaza in downtown DC.    This rally/occupation was organized by a group called "Stop the Machine" and was organized a couple months ago way before they Occupy Movement started.  They however have greater numbers and better organization, and people from all over the US have converged on Freedom Plaza.  Officially they have a permit for four days, so come Monday it is unclear if this group will be gone.  Earlier this afternoon some protesters try to enter the Air and Space Museum with signs (which apparently are not allowed) and were pepper sprayed.   It's unclear how many (if any) protesters were arrested.

Ralph Nader was one of the main speakers this afternoon

Occupy Asleep @ the Info desk. 

Part of their overnight camp.

This a band the I believe are from Occupy DC.   they of course are singing about Occupation.

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