Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy DC @ McPherson Square, Day 7

There is two separate "Occupitions" going on in Washington D.C.   The first started last Saturday at McPherson Square and that group is directly affiliated and/or inspired by "Occupy Wall Street" in New York City.  The second "occupiers" started on Thursday at Freedom Plaza and have a four day permit and are organized by "Stop the Machine."   This first posting photographs are the "Occupy DC" group from McPherson Square.    A second posting will be photographs from Freedom Plaza. 

Critics say the occupiers are lacking direction, this posters shows they have a lot of goals.

Last night, about 60 to 75 "occupiers" camped out.  I am told that number has been growing everyday since last Saturday.

While Occupy DC were holding a General Assembly, a group from Freedom Plaza marched by and some of them joined in on the General Assembly.

A local reporter covering the Occupy DC.

This was the noon (started around 12:20 pm) General Assembly which are held daily at Occupy DC.   During the General Assembly the occupiers discuss issues and give updates from committees that have been formed.  One of the issues they have been discuss is whether or not to merge with the Occupiers at Freedom Plaza. 

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