Monday, August 10, 2009

Wildwood New Jersey

It's vacation week! First stop was Philadelphia and then my friend and I (and his two young daughters) drove down to the NJ Shore and spent the night in Wildwood New Jersey.

These first two photo's were taken just after and before sunrise. I hadn't planned to be up at early, but my friend had to take care of a high fever child and I decided to take advantage of being near the ocean at that hour. Unfortunately there was a lot of clouds and I didn't have a picture perfect sunrise. But I like this seagull in the little puddle on the beach just after sunrise.

The boardwalk can be pretty quiet before sunrise. Not sure where this guy was going (maybe work?)

Sunday Night after eating dinner and the kids went on some rides (and adults went on the Ferris Wheel too) then a torrential rain storm hit the boardwalk with amazing lighting too! The fire department came out to up right this tram shelter on the boardwalk.

I love this sign! This was shot pre-sunrise Monday morning!

Another storm photograph from Sunday Night. A lot of people were running for cover.

According to wikipedia, this is the tallest ferris wheel on the East Coast. I can tell you when it stopped at the very top, my fear of heights came back to me very quickly.

I was lucky enough to be in Wildwood for the 16th Annual Rubber Ducky Regatta at Raging Waters Water. We did not stay to see which duck won. How can you tell the difference?
This is view of downtown boardwalk and amusement parks from the top of the ferris wheel.

Next stop New York City tomorrow (with visit to new Yankee Stadium on Wednesday) lots of photo's for the blog!

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Scott said...

Great picture of the guy running for cover. I love the sky and roller coaster in the background.