Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Stop Loss"

Saw a sneak preview of "Stop Loss" a movie which opens this Friday and is about a Sargent with the U.S. Army just back from Iraq.. he thinks he is about to get out, when army orders him back for another tour- a practice called Stop Loss. John Kerry in 2004 called Stop Loss a "back door draft" and the movie says since the start of the Iraq war Stop Loss has happened to 10,000s of soldiers. The movie is very violent but also very powerful. it not only shows what happens to soldiers while over in Iraq, but also what happens to them when they get back. It's very timely, seeing we just passed 4,000 death toll since 2003 in Iraq. i recommend the movie highly!

the picture is from the movie.. the movie stars Ryan Phillippe.

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