Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let the Madness Begin...

NCAA Announcements have been made... AU is a # 15 seed... and they play # 2 seed Tennessee on Friday! UConn (the team I will follow the closet) is a # 4 seed and they play San Diego also on Friday. Locally Georgetown is # 2 seed and they play UMBC (from the Baltimore area) and George Mason is a # 12 seed and they play Norte Dame.

In other sports news.. Tiger Woods had a another amazing finish winning Arnold Palmer's Tournament in Orlando late this afternoon to win his 5th straight tournament, and tie Ben Hogan at 64 on the third spot on all time wins. After he passes that, next up 73 wins earned by Jack Nicklaus (# 2 on the list) and in a few years he can pass # 1 on list which is 82 set by the late Sam Snead. Today's win he had to sink a 24 foot putt on the last hole of the tournament to avoid a playoff!

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