Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where to get a Great Hamburger on the East Coast

With Memorial Day coming up soon, a great Hot Dog and Hamburger holiday.. I just watched a Travel Channel Special about some of the best places to get a hamburger in US. Five of the them were on the east coast (and two of them my home state of Connecticut).. The one that I really want to check out is Louis' Lunch in New Haven, Ct. near Yale University. This apparently was the 1st place to make burgers back in 1895. They are still using the same small ovens, and they make the burgers fresh every day. They put the burgers on toast, but don't ask for ketchup because it's not allowed. they don't want anything taking away from the taste of the meat they made! Another really unique burger place is about and hour outside of Philly, called Half Moon Restaurant (in Kennett Square, PA). There you can sample burgers made from Buffalo, Alligator and Kangaroo. That place might not be for everyone? And a hip burger joint was featured from New York City... Pop Burgers they make small gourmet burgers with a "secret sauce"...the place is on the lower east side is very hip with a lot of "pop art items" Has anyone every been to any of these places? leave comment if you have been.
In the meantime, I know what I am eating tonight for dinner. You guest it, a burger with the works!

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