Sunday, June 17, 2012

Post # 400, Yankees - Nationals Baseball Game

A sellout crowd was on hand Saturday afternoon two see my two favorite baseball teams play ball!   I am lifelong Yankees fan, however I have become a huge Nationals fan in the past few years.   Todays game went 14 innings, and in the end the Yanks beat Nats 5-3.

Yankees Pitcher Andy Pettitte

Teddy on bike, and yes he lost again in the Presidents Race.

A Bryce Harper fan about to get his photo taken with Abe Lincoln.

As you saw in the posting title, this is my 400 blog posting.   I started this blog in 2008, and have been going ever since.   Whether you are new to this blog or have been with me for the past four years I truly appreciate you taking time to check out my photos, and hope for many more years of blogging!

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