Thursday, May 3, 2012

On Vacation: Natchez to Baton Rouge via US 61

Day Two of my vacation involved a lot pulling over to check out and photograph some unique places in Mississippi and Louisiana.   On my way out of Natchez MS, I saw this very decorated house.   Some might find this house out of character for downtown Natchez, but it sure made for some great photographs!

As I headed out US 61 South, I saw a sign for a 19th century gardens.   I pulled over, and walked down this amazing driveway.  I found a few minutes later that the gardens were actually closed in preparation for a movie shoot next week (luckly I shot first and talked second).  The movie, staring Emma Thompson, is called "Beautiful Creatures"  so remember in 2013 the below driveway...

The next stop along US 61 was Myrtles Plantation..  They had some really cool statues...

The last stop before I reach Baton Rouge, was Rosedown Plantations.    If you have ever watched the Masters golf tournament, then you've seen the famous Magnolia Lane in Augusta GA.. Well this is Louisiana's magnolia lane (without the golf course).   The gardens were amazing.

Tomorrow I'll post some photographs from Baton Rouge.  I also leave to return to New Orleans and get ready for Jazz and Heritage Festival this weekend.   Great vacation so far!

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