Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peeps on Display

Peeps are huge here in Washington DC area.  This is the second time on this blog that they have been photographed!   On display at Artisphere in Arlington thru the end of the May are some of the highlights from the 5th Annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. The first one is called "The Mupeep Show" by Kathy Fraeman:

Next is "Vincent Van Peeps Starry Night" by Mary Lea Harris:

Next is "Escalator Collapse at Peep Bottom Station" by Elliot Seibert and Claudine Roshanian:

Next is "Pat down the Bunny" by multiple peep artists:

Next is "In Wake of the Historic Storm, Utility Repairs Under control, Pepco Spokesperson says" by Brady Gordon, Chris Schwartz, Karin French and David Rosenblatt:

Finally "The Peep Behind the Curtain" by Karen Roberts and Ali Nabavi:

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