Monday, February 14, 2011

Richard Kirkland Monument, Fredericksburg VA

You may have never heard of confederate Sgt. Richard Kirkland, I know before yesterday I had not. But he is well known in and around Fredericksburg VA for his actions on December 14th 1862 during the Civil War. On the 13th of December there had been a major fight in front of "Marye's Heights" wall during the Battle of Fredericksburg. Thousands of Union soldiers laid wounded, and Kirkland asked his commanding officer if he could help the Union soldiers in need. At first he was denied, but later Brig. General Joseph Kershaw agreed he could help at his own risk. For hours Kirkland provided the wounded soldiers (both confederate and union) water, warm clothing, and blankets and is still remembered to this day for his courageous actions. Kirkland is known as "The Angel of Marye's Heights"

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