Saturday, September 12, 2009

Arts Festival and Protesters Downtown

Saturday afternoon in downtown Washington DC. Went to the Arts on F Street Festival, where they had food samples from many of the finest DC Restaurant, booths from local artists and a number of stages for entertainment. And also mixing in the crowd were protesters coming back from a big rally to the Capitol..

This wax statue caught many people of guard, some thinking Robin Williams was at the festival.
This was the Cooking Stage. Local chefs whipped up a meal in less than 40 minutes, sounds like a scene from Top Chef doesn't it?

And the protests and protesters, this sign was welcoming to many of the anti-congress, anti-Obama, group that had been marching to the Capitol (about 9 or so block away from festival).

I am told my a friend who walked thru the rally that there were a lot Pro-Fox News and Anti the so called Liberal Media signs at the Teaparty rally...

To read more about the protesters (estimated between 50 and 100 thousand) check out this link:

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