Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Post # 100

Had this Columbus Day off... and in the honor of the 100th blog posting, I decided to hit the road in search of fall foliage. I ended up about 95 miles away in the small town of Berkeley Springs, West Virgina. Berkeley Springs claim to fame is home of the country's first spa. George Washington use to visit here (when it known as Bath) to take in the water which flows from a nearby spring and is always at a constant 74 degrees (according to local web site). On the way back, I stopped at Charles Town WV Races and Slots. And I am happy to say, just like today's stock market, I left on the plus side!

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Anonymous said...

In 1995 I was in downtown Berkeley Springs on a street that looks just like the one in your picture. We ate at the chicken and pizza house and there were hordes of chain smoking teens hanging around on the sidewalk outside.